Sleep Through Your Dental Appointment

Going to the dentist can be distressing. The good news is that you don’t have to experience this anxiety any longer!

Did you know that for some people, the mere mention or thought of the dentist can cause anxiety, nightmares or panic attacks. It doesn’t have to be this extreme, but if dental fear is a real issue for you; then sedation dentistry just may be the answer you’ve been looking for! Our caring and compassionate team will take your fears seriously while also being accommodating to your needs. We are dedicated to providing safe and effective results so that our patients leave our facility feeling stronger and more confident.
Say Goodbye To the Panic
We are ready and eager to help you every step of the way through your journey to a better smile.

What Kinds of Sedation Options Do I Have?

The choices of sedation vary and are dependent on your level of anxiety. 


Also known as laughing gas, nitrous oxide is breathed with oxygen through a mask to help you relax. 


You will simply take a pill approximately one hour before the appointment, which will make you feel relaxed and calm.


We will administer drugs intravenously to achieve a state of relaxation and amnesia. You will not remember anything from your visit.

If you have questions or concerns about sedation dentistry, please contact our office.

Am I a Candidate?

Sedation dentistry is the right choice if you:

Frequently Asked Questions

Certainly. Sedation is offered as a convenience for those patients requiring this service. Otherwise, our practice performs all dental procedures using local anesthetic.

We fully understand that many people are anxious about visiting the dentist. Since we don’t want fear to hold you back from getting the dental care you need, we offer sedation dentistry to improve your experience.

IV sedation is available for virtually any procedure you might need to undergo at your dentist’s office, from oral surgery to routine examinations and cleanings.
Most patients have little to no memory of their dental treatment. This is one of the reasons that patients love IV sedation dentistry.
Following treatment, you will feel fine. But for your safety, we do require that you have a family member or friend drive you home.
Most patients have no trouble with IV sedation but prior to starting any treatment, we review your medical history. During treatment, we also monitor you very closely.

It is vitally important to follow the instructions both before and after your surgery. Click Here to read more.

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