Conquer Your Dental Phobia with IV Sedation

Does the thought of going to the dentist fill you with dread? Do you experience dental anxiety or outright fear when you have an appointment? You’re not alone – over 40 million Americans avoid or delay dental care because of anxiety, dental phobia or bad experiences.

I know the symptoms of dental fear all too well – the racing heartbeat, sweating palms, muscle tension. Some patients have full-blown panic attacks or faint in the dental chair. These reactions stem from the body’s fight or flight response. The sights, sounds and sensations overwhelm you.

The problem is avoiding the dentist due to dental anxiety can seriously impact your oral and overall health. Small problems become big ones and cause more pain. But you don’t have to choose between your health and your fear. There are effective solutions, like IV sedation dentistry.

What is IV Sedation?

IV or intravenous sedation involves giving anti-anxiety medications through an IV. This produces a relaxed, calm state so you can get dental treatments comfortably and pain free. With IV sedation, you’ll feel drowsy but still responsive.

IV sedation is extremely safe when done by a trained professional. You’ll be monitored closely the entire time. The sedation medications wear off after the procedure with few lasting effects.


Benefits of IV Sedation for Dental Anxiety

  • Relaxed state – IV sedatives rapidly induce relaxation of the mind and body. You’ll feel calm.
  • Pain free – Sedatives block pain perceptions so dental procedures are comfortable.
  • Time reduction – Being sedated means procedures require fewer anesthesia appointments.
  • Amnesic effect – Many patients have little memory of being sedated during procedures.
  • Fewer phobias – Sedation positive experiences can help retrain your brain and reduce dental phobia long-term.
  • More access – Sedation expands the range of procedures you can get comfortably.
  • IV sedation lets you get quality dental care without the distress of anxiety or dental phobia.


Is IV Sedation Right for You?

 If you experience:

  • High anxiety about dental visits
  • Fear of drills, needles or smells
  • Panic attacks or fainting
  • Trauma from past procedures
  • Difficulty getting numb
  • Sensitive gag reflex
  • Complex dental needs
  • Fear of losing control

Then IV sedation may help you finally get the dental care you need comfortably!

Here’s a real-life example…

Jessica had avoided dental care for years due to extreme anxiety. But worsening tooth pain forced her to find a solution. She chose IV sedation, which allowed her to get a root canal, tooth extractions and fillings done in just 1 visit! Jessica said the IV sedation was extremely calming and she felt at ease. Now her dental health is restored and she no longer dreads going to the dentist.


Take the First Step Toward Anxiety-Free Dental Care

Don’t let dental fear or phobia prevent you from getting your oral health on track. With IV sedation dentistry, you can get quality care comfortably. Contact our compassionate team to discuss your questions and customize a treatment plan for your situation. There are so many solutions available – you don’t have to settle for anxiety. Call today to schedule a consultation.

Dr. David Engelsberg

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