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Choosing our office means joining our family. You’ll receive personalized treatment and compassionate care at every visit. Our goal is to create a comfortable atmosphere for you to relax and enjoy your dental experience.

The fear of pain, dental complications, emotional trauma inflicted by a dentist, panic attacks, phobias… the list is long for the many reasons why people are afraid of the dentist. 

For Dr. Engelsberg, one of the most satisfying aspects of his job is to support patients through their fear and emotional struggles and see them thrive dentally. With over 30 years practicing dentistry, performing all aspects of treatment, Dr Engelsberg has found particular enjoyment focusing on IV sedation. His calm demeanor, patience and understanding has helped some people face their greatest fear and come out stronger.

Educated at McGill University in Montreal and some of the top institutions in Canada and the USA, Dr. David Engelsberg uses his highly advanced knowledge to ensure that each patient achieves beautiful, long-lasting dental results – in a warm, comfortable and safe setting.

Dr. David Engelsberg DDS

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